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"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

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Currently, “The Tennessee Department of Education classifies this school as a “Category IV Church-Related School” We are state approved and licensed by TN Alliance. We are a Member of CISNA – Council of Islamic School of North America and working on our accreditation.

Iftiin Knowledge Academy

Iftiin Knowledge Academy is proud to inform all parents who are interested in enrolling their children in a non-public school with excellence in academics to contact the Iftiin Knowledge Academy. We are APPROVED by the Tennessee Department of Education and licensed by  TN Alliance. We  are accepting applications from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

What We Believe

Iftiin Knowledge Academy believes that all students are capable of learning and should be respectful of others in the learning process. Besides, Iftiin Knowledge Academy accepts that every person has something to contribute to society as a whole.

Our Mission

The Mission of Iftiin Knowledge Academy is to address the needs of a diverse group of students, their families, and their communities by building on the strengths of the students' cultural heritage and life experiences. Iftiin Knowledge Academy students will be educated and enlightened to become successful lifelong learners and valuable members of our community.

Our Vision 

The Vision of Iftiin Knowledge Academy is to create a K-12th grade that is highly regarded for its academic excellence, providing a challenging learning environment for students, particularly in reading and in math. In order to provide a successful student experience, we will build a supportive, collaborative community among students, parents, and staff, embracing diversity, and honoring the unique contributions of each.

Our Success  

In alignment with our mission statement, Iftiin Knowledge Academy students will be educated to become successful, lifelong learners. We will achieve this mission through high expectations for academics, behavior, and character.

Proud Member of CISNA                    Proud Member of ISLA                               Proud Member of TACRS 

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